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Design by Theresa Kwong

Striking the Right Note

1: Theresa Kwong

Since Sarah has long had an interest in jewelry, I decided to create a statement bracelet. It’s an accessory that she could easily wear with her active lifestyle—whether working at the office during the day, attending cultural events in the evening, or museum hopping on the weekend.

Given that Sarah is launching her law career with an NGO focused on ending human rights abuses in Africa, and that she has always been interested in various African cultures, I wanted to create a design based on that interest. During a search for inspiration, I happened upon the story of Ananse, which intrigued me. A well-known part of West African folktales, Ananse is a spider that stands for wisdom, creativity, and the complexities of life. Ananse is often graphically portrayed as a center wheel with radiating spokes, which I loosely based my design on. With Sarah’s sense of fairness, I felt she would appreciate a design that strikes a balance without being symmetrical.

In addition to using most of the gemstones Linda provided for the piece, I added two additional beryls and two additional blue sapphires to complete my design. To align with Linda’s desire to have the piece made with responsibly sourced materials, I chose to use 18k Fairmined palladium white gold as the base of the bracelet. It serves as a pale gray background that helps to unify the colors of the gemstones. I then added 18k Fairmined yellow gold accents to incorporate a fourth color into the design. The bracelet is hinged for easy wear, and all of the gems have full bezels to accommodate Sarah’s active lifestyle. I specifically placed the rubies beyond the edges of the bracelet to remind Sarah to think outside the box to find solutions to her challenges as a human rights defender. May Ananse always guide her with wisdom and creativity throughout her career and in navigating life’s complexities.

Theresa Kwong is the owner of TK Metal Arts in San Mateo, California.

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