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A Home Away from Home

MJSA Challenge: Responsibly Sourced Designs

By Shawna Kulpa

An immigrant from Mexico and soon-to-be-naturalized U.S. citizen who has spent her life dedicated to the studying and protecting the oceans and ocean life is at the center of our annual MJSA Challenge: Responsibly Sourced Designs.

Every year we present nine designers with a fictional story and a selection of amazing gemstones; from those elements, they agree to render a piece of jewelry. Every month from January through September, we feature the design of one of our participating designers. Then, it’s your turn to vote for the winning design. 

This year’s challenge features a beautiful mabe pearl from Mexico and a collection of responsibly sourced sapphires, all available from the project’s sponsor, Columbia Gem House in Vancouver, Washington. The fictional scenario, presented here, focuses on children who want to give their mother a special custom piece to celebrate her achieving a lifelong goal of becoming a U.S. citizen. 


Click here to read the full scenario and see the entries from this year’s designers.


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