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Doing Good: Sourcing Metals and Gemstones Responsibly

Increasingly, consumers want to know the origins of the metals and gems in the jewelry they buy, and to be sure that those materials were mined in an ethical, responsible way. This video features highlights from the panel discussion, held at MJSA Expo on March 13, 2017, that reviewed the industry’s efforts to create chain-of-custody standards, as well as outlined the questions you need to ask when sourcing materials.

Moderated by Andrea Hill, Hill Management Group, Chicago (hill-management.com). Panelists: Peter Calvert, Ethical Metalsmiths, Andes, New York (ethicalmetalsmiths.org); Mark Hanna, The Richline Group, New York City (richlinegroup.com); Larry Bock, Hoover & Strong, North Chesterfield, Virginia (hooverandstrong.com); Toby Pomeroy, TOBY POMEROY, Corvallis, Oregon (tobypomeroy.com).


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