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Mystery Box 2019 Materials

Dream On

MJSA’s annual Mystery Box Challenge

By Shawna Kulpa

It starts out like a dream: Someone contacts you and asks you to make a piece of jewelry. You can make anything you want…but it has to be composed of certain materials that won’t be revealed until after you agree to the project. Also, it has to be completed in just four weeks’ time. Did that dream just become your worst nightmare?

For some jewelers, it may very well become just that. But luckily for us, the three designers we asked to participate in MJSA’s eighth annual Mystery Box Challenge were more than up for the challenge.

As in past challenges, this year’s designers—Lisa Krikawa, Jason Baide, and Elizabeth Tokoly—had no idea what to expect when they signed on for the challenge. All they knew was that they had four weeks to make a piece of jewelry using unknown materials.

What materials did this year’s designers have to work with? They each received:
• One 4-inch by 4-inch sterling silver sheet from Ross Metals (rossmetals.com)
• One 6-inch by 6-inch Krystal titanium sheet from Reactive Metals Studio (reactivemetals.com)
• One 10-inch sterling silver mesh chain from National Chain Group (natchain.com)
• One 6 mm round chrome diopside and two 8 x 6 mm oval garnets from Otto Frei (ottofrei.com)

What did they create?

Visit each of the artist’s challenge results directly:

Lisa Krikawa

Jason Baide

Elizabeth Tokoly


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