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Adel Chefridi Online Design Challenge Entry


A Little Piece of Home

7: Adel Chefridi

What was most appealing about the project is that it portrays what I consider the most important part about jewelry design as a process of translating feelings into objects. There is a great mystery in the capacity of some objects to become a container. Gemstones have a particular ability to provide that. And for this project, the use of a purple sapphire seemed especially fitting for Abby. Sapphire is a hard, resilient gemstone with a great balance between the warmth of love and openness. It seems a perfect stone for a young woman who has never put herself first. Abby always sacrifices herself and puts others before herself. And even though she’s heading out to start a new career, she won’t become a different person, which means the sapphire will always be appropriate.

Traditionally, designers have always been tempted to overdo things, putting in extra details and accents. I like to keep things simple, which is also a good match for Abby’s clean and modern style. Since it holds all the meaning in the piece, I wanted the sapphire to be the focus of the ring; when someone looks at the ring, I want the first thing they notice to be the center stone. To protect the sapphire, I created a setting for it that has the look and protectiveness of a bezel, but actually uses prongs to secure the stone. I wanted the prongs because they help create a delicate, fine, and modern look.

I added accent diamonds around the sapphire as well as along the shank. Diamonds have a unique relationship with light, and I included them because they’ll add a lightness to the piece. I also thought they helped make the piece a bit more modern and delicate looking.

The ring is supposed to capture so much love and gratitude, but is also supposed to be worn everyday by a modern, out-in-the-world young woman. It needed to be elegant and fine, yet simple and easy to wear. To help it stand the test of time, I created a simple but strong shank for the ring. I imagine that one day she’ll be able to pass it down to her own children.

Adel Chefridi is the owner of Adel Chefridi Fine Jewels in Woodstock, New York.

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