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Elizabeth Tokoly Online Design Challenge Entry


A Little Piece of Home

6: Elizabeth Tokoly

I knew I wanted to make Abby a statement piece that highlighted the sapphire, which to me, was representative of her mother. I specialize in making one-of-a-kind bracelets for clients, and I find them a great way to highlight a single stone as the focal point. Bracelets are comfortable pieces of jewelry that can be worn daily, and because the sapphire isn’t extremely large, I knew I could make Abby a great bangle showcasing the stone that wouldn’t be too large or cumbersome.

I opted to create the bracelet in sterling silver and gave it a hand hammered texture using a cross peen hammer. I felt the texture paid tribute to Abby’s study of geology, with the hammer effect representing the different textures and patterns in the landscapes that she studies. When creating the bracelet, I wanted to make sure it stayed upright so I made it in an oval shape to better fit the contours of her wrist. This way, any time Abby looked down at her wrist, she could gaze upon the stone and maybe feel a little bit closer to home.

Since Abby has contemporary taste, I wanted to keep the bracelet simple, with clean lines that would help keep the piece light and delicate. To showcase the sapphire, I put an 18k gold halo around it to act as a frame of light. I added a matching hammered texture to the halo to tie into the landscape idea. I also decided to add a high polish 18k gold border to both edges of the bracelet that would mirror the halo around the stone.

I wanted to add some additional stones to the bracelet to incorporate the other members of her family. I created two clusters or nuclei of gemstones on either side of the sapphire to both tie into her study of physics as well as a reference to her family being the center of her life. To represent her father, I chose bullet rainbow moonstones because the colors of the moonstone represent the idea of strength and a gentle calming energy. I like the idea of her father helping give her these qualities to leave the family nest and set off into the world. For her brothers, I encircled the moonstones with chrysoberyl. They’re rare stones, and the green color is meant to protect the wearer and give her positive energy, just as her brothers would protect and support her. 

Elizabeth Tokoly is a jeweler, metalsmith, and the owner of EatMetal in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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