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Marilyn Robb Online Design Challenge Entry


A Little Piece of Home

8: Marilyn Robb

I’ve always been a bit of a minimalist in my design so when I approached this project, I was excited because Abby’s style is similar to my own. In my pieces, I like it when the design is actually integral to the setting of a stone, so it has purpose in addition to serving as the design. I just find those types of pieces to come together nicely, which was the case with this pendant I created for Abby.

I chose to create a pendant because it seems a little bit more personal than other types of jewelry because it’s worn close to your heart. In addition, it’s a versatile piece of jewelry in that it can be worn short or long, or it can be tucked under a shirt so it doesn’t have to be shown at all. To further personalize it, I added Abby’s initials to the back of the pendant.

Marilyn Robb Online Design Challenge Entry

As a design concept, I focused on Abby’s love of science, ultimately deciding on an atomic decision with the sapphire serving as the atom’s nucleus. I thought it would be a nice way to meld together Abby’s science background with her role as the nucleus of her family. I added three diamond electrons circling the nucleus, representing her father and her two brothers and their roles in supporting and protecting Abby. Each electron has a trail of smaller diamonds behind it to show motion.

I thought it came together nicely. It’s a simple piece but one that’s versatile, as Abby could wear it sideways, upside down, or even feed into onto a bracelet. She could wear it on a fancy chain or downgrade it on a silk cord. Plus, because it’s rounded, it will be comfortable to wear.

Marilyn Robb is a jewelry designer with Myerson’s Limited in Toronto.

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