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Ring by Rémy Rotenier

A Long Time Coming

4: Rémy Rotenier

I designed a ring because I imagined that it is what Kate would want after waiting this long. I also believe it could be the strongest manifestation of their feelings. Because Kate’s tastes are more modern, I opted to set the ruby east/west. Setting the stone sideways created a contemporary twist for this stunning focal point. Also, as an active person, Kate would not want a ring that gets in the way, and I think this design keeps the ring compact on her finger.

Although I have not met Kate, I opted to create the ring in rose gold, which works well with the Mozambique ruby. Additionally, its warm and radiant tone is known to complement any skin tone. I added platinum accents with diamonds to the sides of the rings. Representing the idea of a protective, loving hug, these diamond halos are separated from the ruby to act as a reflector. This enhances the size of the ruby, and I thought it would be nice to have the rich red tones reflected on the platinum walls. Because Kate is an artist, I thought she would enjoy the sculptural openings that allow light to hit the ruby from all sides.

Ring by Rémy Rotenier

As seen from the top, the ring has a tailored simplicity but when seen from the side, it reveals a sophisticated architecture that Kate would appreciate as an artist. The weave at the bottom of the ring’s shank is a symbol of the two women whose lives are intertwined and have become one. It’s also a reminder of the hikes Kate loves to take with her son, with intertwined roots of trees and a grounding in the natural world. I lined the edges of the shank with 40 rubies, one for each of the years of their union.

I rounded the ring for comfort. Kate is a very busy woman, and I believe she would appreciate the comfortable feel and relatively low profile of the ring. Its design would allow her to wear it always.

Rémy Rotenier is the owner of Rémy Design in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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