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Rona Fisher Online Design Challenge

A Little Piece of Home

1: Rona Fisher

After reading Abby’s story, I immediately decided to design a ring for her because a ring is the easiest thing to wear every day—and it will be something Abby can look at and appreciate all the time. I chose to design the ring in palladium, which is harder and lighter than 18k white gold, making it both easy to wear and durable. I kept the ring’s shape simple to fit Abby’s style.

Two things that strike me most about Abby are her brightness and her loyalty to her family. I used diamonds around the main stone to represent her brightness and also pay tribute to her great-grandmother by forming a halo around her stone. I added additional sapphires to the design to keep the family connection with Abby’s great-grandmother.

The row of prong-set sapphires around the base of the setting is meant to portray a river, representing the journey Abby is about to embark upon. I chose sapphires because it’s said that they bring fulfillment of dreams and prosperity. They are meant to emphasize the fulfillment Abby will receive from her new job, which will have her traveling the world.

Because Abby’s two majors (geology and physics) are ancient disciplines, I chose an ancient ring shape for the design. To honor her interest in geology, I applied a hammer texture to the ring’s surface to represent the texture of rocks. For her interest in physics, I created an atomic pattern on both sides of the ring with gemstones acting as the nucleus and electrons. The nucleus is a small purple sapphire, representing her great-grandmother. The five diamond electrons are for Abby, her father, her two brothers, and her mother. The motif is repeated on each side of the ring both for symmetry and to emphasize the importance of family to Abby.

Rona Fisher is the owner of Rona Fisher Design in Philadelphia.

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