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DiaTrue CS Scanner ElvaX Jewelry Lab


DiaTrue CS

DiaTrue CS Scanner

Suitable for use on unmounted diamonds, stones on small pieces of jewelry such as rings, and melee parcels, the DiaTrue CS Scanner is designed to detect CVD and HPHT lab-grown diamonds as well as cubic zirconia, Moissanite, and CZ coated with CVD. Capable of scanning in 7 to 10 seconds, the system uses a color system to display results on the large embedded 10.9 inch touchscreen tablet. This self-contained and compact unit contains a 6 cm by 6 cm tray and measures 8.26 inches long by 10.5 inches wide by 8.86 inches high (21 cm by 26.7 cm by 22.5 cm). Recommended for use on diamonds in the color range of D to K, the system can save and archive test data as well as create and print certificates. Contact: Stuller Inc., 302 Rue Louis XIV, Lafayette, LA 70508; 1-800-877-7777; fax 800-444-4741; e-mail sales@stuller.comstuller.com.


ElvaX Lab

ElvaX Jewelry Lab

Featuring an ergonomic design and compact footprint, the ElvaX Jewelry Lab offers a nondestructive method for analyzing precious metals and jewelry. It is also capable of detecting coatings and nonstandard alloys. Pricing and QR code generation is now incorporated into the desktop CPU integrated system. The software allows precious metals prices to be entered and will then display pricing based on the sample weight being measured. QR codes can also be generated for samples using a file-stored template, allowing the user to modify the QR code without changing the software. Contact: Xcalibur XRF Service, 1340-7 Lincoln Ave., Holbrook, NY 11741; 1-631-750-3170; e-mail info@xcaliburxrf.com; xcaliburxrf.com.


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