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Where It All Began

Designers share the inspirations behind their pieces

By Shawna Kulpa

How often do you scroll by a jewelry image on Instagram or walk by a jewelry showcase and stop in your tracks? You may be captivated by the piece’s beauty, or fascinated by its display of technical mastery. Or maybe it’s just so unusual that you have to wonder: whatever inspired the designer to create that?

We thought it would be interesting to check in with a handful of designers to discuss the inspiration behind some of their favorite pieces. Some drew on personal loss, some on their memories of pastoral settings, and one simply looked out at her neighborhood’s industrial landscape. All share insights that may have you finding inspiration in new, unexpected ways.


Earrings by Jennifer Rabe Morin

Celebrating Vincent

Jennifer Rabe Morin
Gregore & Jennifer-Rabe Jewelers
Santa Barbara, California

Pin by Theresa Kwong

The Lost Year

Theresa Kwong
TK Metal Arts
San Francisco

Linda MacNeil neck collar

Raising a Glass

Linda MacNeil
Jewels of Glass
New Hampshire

Tree brooch by Cornelia Goldsmith

A Tree Blooms at Night

Cornelia Goldsmith
Cornelia Goldsmith
San Francisco

Bracelet by Lynda Bahr

David’s Portal

Lynda Bahr
Lynda Bahr Jewelry
San Gregorio, California

Ring by Victor Velyan

Under the Sea

Victor Velyan
Victor Velyan
Los Angeles

Ring by Jorge Adeler


Jorge Adeler
Jorge Adeler
Great Falls, Virginia

Bracelet by Judith Haas

Industrial Design

Judith Haas
Judith Haas Design
Brooklyn, New York


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