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Retail Link Fall 2019

MJSA Retail Link

This biannual publication (spring and fall) connects jewelry manufacturers and designers with retail customers. Its sent to more than 12,000 top-rated retailers, including independents, galleries, and major chains. And the digital edition on the MJSA.org website extends that reach even further! Click here to view the Fall 2019 digital edition of MJSA Retail Link.

Every MJSA Standard Member Gets a Free Placement to Promote Its Finished Jewelry and Related Accessories


The MJSA Advantage: Free Retail Link Placement

MJSA Retail Link Product Placements

Each MJSA Retail Link placement enables members to provide the key selling points their customers want and need:

• Product description (up to 50 words).

• Customization options.

• Delivery times and terms.

• Suggested retail price.

• Contact information.

Members can also take advantage of MJSA’s Custom Content benefit: Association staff will help with copywriting and coordinate discounted product shots.

To maximize visibility, additional placements as well as display ads can be purchased at cost-effective rates—as low as $530 per placement. Click here to view the MJSA Media Kit.

To learn more, e-mail Betty Costa, MJSA Manager of Customer Service, or call 1-800-444-MJSA, ext. 3050.

Frank Bliss 


MJSA Members: Submit Your Placements

If you are a member of MJSA and would like to submit a product placement, you can use our online forms.

Click here to submit a placement promoting finished jewelry (including estate and vintage pieces).

Click here to submit a placement for watches and related accessories.

Click here to submit a placement for packaging and display.


Advertise in MJSA Journal

MJSA Media Kit 2019

Interested in advertising in MJSA Journal and reaching thousands of professional jewelry makers and designers? Download our Media Kit. MJSA members receive a $700 discount on display advertising.

To download our media kit, click here.


MJSA Advantage

MJSA standard members receive a free placement in the MJSA Retail Link, as well as heavily discounted advertising opportunities.