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MJSA Guide to Subcontractors

MJSA Guide to Subcontractors

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Sometimes you do just need a little help from your friends—especially if your friends include casters, stone setters, CAD designers, and other subcontractors who can help you pull together all the pieces in the jewelry-making process. The MJSA Guide to Subcontractors features detailed company listings to help you find the contract service provider to meet your needs. You’ll also find answers to commonly asked questions about minimum order requirements, delivery times, fees, and more. Below are some of the more commonly requested services; use the keyword search or click on the category links to find participating MJSA members who can help you.

Why You Should Work with an MJSA Member

Knowing that MJSA members have agreed to abide by the MJSA Code of Ethics, buyers have confidence when dealing with them. That code is enforced by MJSA, and any complaint against a member is heard and handled with promptness, efficiency, and fairness. To read the Code of Ethics, as well as its regulatory and enforcement procedures, click here.

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Subcontractor Listings

Click on the links below to find detailed information about member companies that can meet your specific subcontracting needs.

Assaying Services  •  CAD Services    CAM Services    Casting Services  

Contract Manufacturing (General Services)  • Design Services    Engraving Services 

Model Making Services  •  Refining Services  •  Stamping Services  •  Stone Setting Services



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