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Jewelers Do It Better website

Jewelers Do It Better Website

Connecting with Consumers

As every jeweler knows, a piece of well-crafted jewelry is more than just an assemblage of metal and gems. It also contains inspiration, and heart, and blood and sweat and tears (not always in that order). The more a piece integrates those elements, the stronger the emotional bonds with consumers. It’s an effective formula for success, especially with the younger Millennial and Gen Z buyers who crave authenticity above all else.

To help its members better forge those bonds, MJSA has launched JewelersDoItBetter.com. This new consumer website promotes jewelry of all types: custom work, designer and art pieces, and a variety of branded lines, from bridal to casual and beyond. The site features stunning images of that jewelry, and it also tells stories that provide a "behind the scenes" look at the creation of well-crafted designs and lines—the type of stories that create connections and inspire consumers to buy.

Jewelers Do It Better LogoMJSA Premier Associate and Premier Professional members can participate, FREE OF CHARGE!

With the help of MJSA’s content development team, members can create illustrated profiles that tell their stories and promote their skills, their expertise, and their passion for making jewelry. Each profile also invites consumers to submit their e-mail addresses to receive future updates, ensuring a steady steam of new prospects.

MJSA members who sell to or work with consumers can also claim a listing in the Find a Jeweler search engine: a dynamic tool that lets consumers conduct searches by location, product, or type of store. Each search brings up retail listings that can offer everything from store images and videos to interactive maps and coupons for special sales. Three packages are available, based on MJSA membership level:

Non-member retailers who carry MJSA members can participate if they are on a list provided by a member. They will receive a basic package that includes a description/logo, contact info (phone, website), the store’s location on Google maps, a list of the members they carry (with each name linked to the member’s profile), and a contact form.

Retailers who are MJSA Premier Associate members receive all the benefits of the basic package, plus the ability to list their operating hours and promote their social networks. They also can post up to 5images as well as a video at any given time.

Retailers who are MJSA Premier Professional members receive all benefits of the Premier Associate package, plus the ability to post up to 15 images and 5 videos at any given time. They can also promote business events and special offers, share testimonials, list related companies and secondary locations, incorporate sound effects and post attachments (e.g., gem certifications, marketing collateral), and build a pool of prospective customers through a "Follow" link that ensures those prospects can easily return to a listing for current news and promotions.

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To learn more, e-mail Travis Searle or call 1-800-444-MJSA (6572), ext. 3024.

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