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LaserStar Technologies Corporation

Riverside, RI
(401) 438-1500
(866) 516-3043 (Fax)

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Premier manufacturer of laser sources and systems for welding, engraving and cutting to the jewelry industry. Made in USA.

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Featured Product/Service

iWeld Jewelers Edition. Easy to use, simple to maintain, incredibly powerful, the iWeld fits neatly into any work invironment. iWeld is the highest peak powered laser welding machine in its class. This machine welds SILVER along with other complex alloys.
The iWeld Jewelers Edition is a powerful 125J, 10.0kW, 60 watt bench top system and comes with jewelry application presets, 99 memory cells and a two year warranty. Made in USA.

Resize rings, retip prongs, repair bezel settings
Assemble broken necklaces, bracelets earrings
Repair custume jewelry, eyeglass frames, watches
Fill porosity, create made-to-order designs

Idea for kiosks, studios, workshops, repair centers, pawn shops, discount outlets, optical and retail stores. Financing available.



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