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Ransom & Randolph

Maumee, OH
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R&R provides extensive process knowledge, exceptional technical expertise, and innovative products for jewelry casters: Astro-Vest®, ADVANTAGE™, Plasticast®, Plasticast® PT, Platinum, Solitaire, Ultra-Vest®, and Ultra-Vest® MAXX™ investments; AquaSphere™ injection wax; and RTV2 silicone rubber.

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Featured Product/Service

Plasticast® PT investment and binder

Water-based, two-part system for casting rapid prototype pattern materials and high-temperature alloys.

• High-expanding, extra-high-strength investment
• Ideally suited for investing and burnout of commonly used plastic or wax/plastic pattern materials
• Compatible with standard wax patterns for high-temperature metal casting
• Maintains mold surface and dimensional integrity for high-temperature metal casting
• Eliminates acid-based binder hazard associated with common two-part platinum investments
• Eliminates special investing flask preparation requirements

Learn more: https://www.ransom-randolph.com/plasticast-pt


Tools & Equipment

  • Casting Equipment/Supplies
  • Investment Equipment/Supplies
  • Molds, Rubber
  • Wax, Injection

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