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Capable of printing up to 55 rings (size dependent) at one time, the MAX LCD allows jewelers to take advantage of Asiga’s Smart Positioning System technology in an economical format. It offers a print speed of 9 hours at a resolution of 25 micron layers when the height of the tallest model is 30 mm. The printer has a build size of 121 mm X by 68 mm Y by 76 mm Z (4.76 inches by 2.7 inches by 3 inches) and a pixel size of 47 microns. The open-source printer comes with Asiga Composer software and a touchscreen display. The printer measures 26 cm wide by 38 cm high by 37 cm deep (10.2 inches by 15 inches by 14.6 inches). Contact: Asiga Pty Ltd., Unit 2, 19/21 Bourke Road, Sydney NSW 2015, Australia; 61-2-9690-2737; e-mail info@asiga.com; asiga.com.



Designed as the ultimate printer for volume production, the PRO 4K 3-D printer is capable of printing up to 175 rings (size dependent) in one hour. The printer uses the latest Direct Light Processing technology to achieve a large print envelope while also offering precision, reliability, and speed. Two models are available: The PRO 4K65 has a build size of 176.5 mm X by 99 mm Y by 200 mm Z (6.95 inches by 3.9 inches by 7.87 inches), and the PRO 4K80 has a build size of 217 mm X by 122 mm Y by 200 mm Z (8.54 inches by 4.8 inches by 7.87 inches). The open-source system comes with Asiga’s Smart Positioning System technology and Composer software. The printer measures 46.5 cm by 42 cm by 137 cm (18.3 inches by 16.5 inches by 53.9 inches). Contact: Asiga Pty Ltd., Unit 2, 19/21 Bourke Road, Sydney NSW 2015, Australia; 61-2-9690-2737; e-mail info@asiga.comasiga.com.

Tiger 4K MAX XHD

Tiger 4K MAX XHD

Capable of producing down to 30 micron XY resolution, the Tiger 4K MAX XHD 3-D printer combines high definition Digital Light Processing technology with a 4K projector to
render each object layer at once, creating super smooth surfaces with less print time. It has a build plate that measures 120 mm by 67 mm by 195 mm (4.7 inches by 2.6 inches by 7.7 inches). The printer comes packaged with Tiger 3D PrinterTool software, which includes optimization features such as surface smoothing, edge enhancement, and sharpness adjustment. The printer measures 32 inches wide by 31 inches deep by 78 inches high (82 cm by 79 cm by 200 cm). Contact: Romanoff International Supply Corp., 9 Deforest St., Amityville, NY 11701; 1-631-842-2400; fax 842-0028; e-mail sales@romanoff.com; romanoff.com.

Perfactory p4K Printer

Perfactory P4K Printers

Offering a projector resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels, the Perfactory P4K series of Direct Light Processing-based 3-D printers features a 4K projector and artificial intelligence to deliver highly accurate 3-D printed parts with an ultra-smooth surface finish. Designed to run 24/7 in a production environment, the printers have an LED light source with an estimated life expectancy of 20,000 hours. Three printers are available in the series: the P4K 62 has a build envelope measuring 160 mm by 100 mm by 220 mm and an X/Y voxel size of 62 microns; the P4K 75 has a build envelope measuring 192 mm by 120 mm by 220 mm and an X/Y voxel size of 75 microns; and the P4K 90 has a build envelope measuring 233 mm by 141.5 mm by 220 mm and an X/Y voxel size of 90 microns. Contact: Envisiontec Inc., 15162 S. Commerce Drive, Dearborn, MI 48120; 1-313-436-4300; e-mail northamerica@envisiontec.com; envisiontec.com.

Jewelry Starter Pack B9

Jewelry Starter Pack

Designed to provide jewelers with a complete professional 3-D printing solution, the jewelry starter pack includes a choice of one B9 Core Series 3-D printer, next-generation software, B9Clean, B9 Model Cure, 1 kilogram of casting resin, and 1 kilogram of design resin. Users can choose between the Core 550i printer, which offers repeatability precision, fast build speed, and production capacity, and the Core 530, which offers outstanding surface finish and a finer resolution. After printing, parts can be transferred directly to the B9Clean while still on the platform or as loose models for thorough, no-mess cleaning. They can then be moved to the B9 Model Cure to reduce model-curing time. Contact: B9Creations, 2828 Plant St., Ste. 2, Rapid City, SD 57702; 1-605-716-3202; e-mail info@b9c.com; b9c.com.

B9 Create Software

B9Create Software

Developed to optimize print processes, the latest generation of B9Create software is designed to build models with fewer supports, better surface finish, and painless post-processing. Features of the updated software will include advanced supports and foundations (including mirroring supports), expanded import file format capabilities, material print usage estimates, keep-out zones and traceability, and an industry-specific application library that allows users to select the part being imported while the software takes care of the layout and supports. Contact: B9Creations, 2828 Plant St., Ste. 2, Rapid City, SD 57702; 1-605-716-3202; e-mail info@b9c.com; b9c.com.



Allowing jewelers to create designs from scratch, MatrixGold was developed to simplify the custom design process while also allowing jewelers total creative control. The CAD software has a modern, clean design and a simplified interface with panels that are flexible, moveable, and dockable. Features of the software in-clude the Clayoo freeform, organic modeling plug-in; parametric history that automatically reflects changes when configurations are updated; transform tools for duplicating geometry; editable Booleans and cutters; and parts and pre-done model libraries. Contact: Gemvision, A Stuller Co., 302 Rue Louis XIV, Lafayette, LA 70508; 1-800-877-7777; fax 877-619-1889; e-mail info@gemvision.com; gemvision.com.

CounterSketch Streaming

CounterSketch Streaming

Designed to bring custom design capability to any retail operation, CounterSketch Streaming allows users to add virtual inventory to their repertoire, design and sell custom jewelry, and have their designs quickly manufactured by Stuller Inc. Suitable to run on any Mac or Windows-based operating system, CounterSketch Streaming will automatically take care of software and library updates and eliminates the need for users to purchase a special gaming computer or graphics card to run the software. In addition, a shared sessions feature will allow users to share their screen with offsite customers. The monthly streaming subscription payment also includes unlimited access to CounterSketch Online training.  Contact: Gemvision, A Stuller Co., 302 Rue Louis XIV, Lafayette, LA 70508; 1-800-877-7777; fax 877-619-1889; e-mail info@gemvision.comgemvision.com.

Formlabs Form 3

Formlabs Form 3

Suitable for small or large production runs, the Formlabs Form 3 is a basic desktop printer that has a generous build envelope that can accommodate designs up to 7.375 inches high. Featuring an X/Y resolution of 25 microns, the printer offers a layer thickness range of 25 to 300 microns and a build volume of 14.5 cm wide by 14.5 cm deep by 18.5 cm high (5.7 inches by 5.7 inches by 7.3 inches). The printer contains a custom-designed light-processing unit that uses a compact system of lenses and mirrors to deliver accurate, repeatable prints. In addition, it has a user-friendly touchscreen control panel and accepts STL and OBJ files either by direct connection or wireless upload. The printer measures 40.5 cm wide by 37.5 cm deep by 53 cm high (15.9 inches by 14.8 inches by 20.9 inches). Contact: Rio Grande, 7500 Bluewater Road NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121; 1-800-545-6566; fax 800-965-2329; e-mail info@rio grande.com; riogrande.com.

Solidscape DL


Designed to allow users to print dozens of castable jewelry models in a single afternoon, the SolidscapeDL is a Digital Light Processing 3-D printer that can print up to 15 mm per hour at 25 microns. Capable of producing high-resolution models, the printer offers 44 micron X/Y resolution. It has a maximum build area of 84 mm by 47 mm and a build height of 43 mm. It is suitable for use with proprietary materials that have been engineered specifically for jewelry manufacturing: ProtoPearl, a white material ideal for prototyping purposes; DiamondCast, a resin that produces crisp, intricate details and that is easy to handle; and EmeraldCast, a resin-wax with a high wax content for casting perfection. The printer measures 335 mm wide by 541 mm high by 349 mm deep (13.2 inches by 21.3 inches by 13.7 inches). Contact: Solidscape Inc., 316 Daniel Webster Highway, Merrimack, NH 03062; 1-603-429-9700; e-mail precision@solidscape.com; solidscape.com.


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