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EVS-5 Trinocular Microscope Viewing SystemEVO Series BE Model Laser Welder




EVS-5 Trinocular Microscope Viewing System

Suitable for installation on most LaserStar laser welding systems, the EVS-5 Trinocular Microscope Viewing System offers 15X magnification with a high level of optical clarity. In addition, it incorporates an 11.5-inch LED viewing system, as well as a built-in high-definition camera. Contact: LaserStar Technologies, One Industrial Court, Riverside, RI 02915; 1-401-438-1500; e-mail sales@laserstar.net; laserstar.net.



EVO Series BE Model Laser Welder

Offering a larger entry and chamber than the original model, the EVO Series BE Model Laser Welder has a maximum pulse power of 125 joules and a pulse frequency of 0.5 to 15 Hz. An onboard camera offers high-resolution images for reliable depth-of-field viewing. The unit has 32 memory stations and a spot size of 0.3 to 1.5 mm. Requiring 115-230 volts, the laser welder has dual controls (an internal joystick and an external touchpad) and a Leica 10X stereo microscope. It measures 20 inches wide by 27 inches deep by 14 inches high (50.8 cm by 68.6 cm by 35.6 cm). Contact: Stuller Inc., 302 Rue Louis XIV, Lafayette, LA 70508; 1-800-877-7777; fax 800-444-4741; e-mail sales@stuller.com; stuller.com.


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