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Couture Stackable Displays

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Titan Collection Jewelry Boxes • Couture Stackable Ring Displays • Corrosion Intercept Foam Anti-tarnish Pad Inserts 

Titan Collection

Titan Collection Jewelry Boxes

Designed as a companion to the company’s Couture displays, the Titan jewelry box collection features a very modern yet classic design. The collection is available in two colors: Paradiso (gold) and Palladium (silver). Boxes are made with a color-matched interior and exterior leatherette and can be customized with a logo or monogram for an extra-personal touch. The collection includes ring, earring, pendant, necklace, bangle/watch, and bracelet boxes. Contact: A&A Jewelry Supply, 319 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles, CA 90014; 1-800-433-5544; fax 888-888-8770; e-mail info@aajewelry.com; aajewelry.com.


Couture Stackables

Couture Stackable Ring Displays

The Couture Stackable Ring Displays are available in single, double, or quad tube options. The displays are offered in four color choices: White Vienna, Carbon Black Linea, Paradiso Linea, or Palladium Linea. They’re made using either Fifield Vienna or Linea leatherette materials, depending on the color. Contact: A&A Jewelry Supply, 319 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles, CA 90014; 1-800-433-5544; fax 888-888-8770; e-mail info@aajewelry.comaajewelry.com.


Corrosion Intercept Foam

Corrosion Intercept Foam Anti-tarnish Pad Inserts

Embedded with a proprietary high-surface-area copper, Intercept Foam Pad Inserts absorb and neutralize corrosive gasses that lead to the tarnishing and corrosion of precious metals. Designed for showcases, safes, and other enclosed spaces, the inserts are now available in custom sizes and with more patented proprietary ingredients. Safe and nontoxic, the pads do not leave any deposits or coatings on items they protect. They feature a built-in saturation indicator; the foam will begin to change color as it approaches the end of its effective life. Contact: Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co. LLC, 8500 N. MoPac Expressway, Austin, TX 78759; 1-512-761-3388; fax 761-3378; e-mail info@interceptjewelrycare.com; interceptjewelrycare.com.


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