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MJSA Showcase

This page features the latest tools, equipment, supplies, and services for jewelry designers, manufacturers, and retailers. Please contact the MJSA members below to learn more about their offerings.

Charis & Mae  •  eLUXE3D    Feldman Law    Frank Billanti Casting

Hauser & Miller    Inductotherm    Intercept Jewelry Care

LaserStar Technologies  •  Lasertech USA    M.S. Company    Orion Welders 

Ransom & Randolph    Standard Chain  •  TechForm Advanced Casting

Charis and Mae

Powerhouse Manufacturer at Your Service!

Charis and Mae are your single manufacturing source from China with a local presence. Our in-house manufacturing team of experienced designers and production professionals specialize in creating fashion to fine jewelry for women, men and children. We specialize in product development, modeling, finishing, and provide consultation in price targeting. Our communication teams cover USA and China, and our clients range from private label and corporate retailers to e-commerce companies. With over 50 years of experience, we have outperformed expectations in terms of price, quality, and delivery.

Contact us today and ask about our free trial for sampling: 212-641-0816; info@charisandmae.com; charisandmae.com. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.



Bridging the Gap Between Classic Design and Modern Manufacturing

By combining precise technology, ease of use and automation, eLUXE3D scanners provide jewelers with the ability to integrate physical objects into the digital world. Our scanners feature the latest technological advances in the industry such as Blue Light Technology, 2.0-6.4 mega-pixel resolution, Active Sync, and STL-output. Custom wedding bands, 3D digital heir-looming, irregular gemstone scanning and more all made possible with eLUXE3D scanners. 

Visit us at eluxe3d.com/mjsa. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.


Feldman Law

Threatened with a cease and desist letter or a lawsuit?

Call us at 212-532-8585 or email us at Norman@Feldman-Law.com. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.

Frank Billanti

The Top Choice of the Industry’s Top Designers

Your ONE STOP SHOP for every step of the jewelry production process. Partner with us and we’ll help you get to the top! We are a FULL SERVICE jewelry production house in the heart of Manhattan. We do it ALL, from model to finished piece: CAD design, wax carving, CAD printing, molding, casting brass - bronze - silver - gold - platinum, polishing, assembly, stone setting, plating and e-coating clear or colors. Your jewelry: not just made in the USA, MADE IN NYC. Whether you’re just starting out or at the top of your game, we have the experience to develop your entire collection, season after season.

FrankBillantiCasting.com; 42 W. 38th St., Suite 204, New York City; 1-212-221-0440. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.

Hauser & Miller

A Reputation Unrivaled

The refining process is a special craft; one that requires knowledge of precious metals that only experience can provide. Since our inception in 1909, we have handled the recovery of all types of precious metal scrap, coins, filings, and sweeps. Extraordinary care is taken with each lot received, including multiple weighing verifications and assays, and special lot processing. We guarantee to process your scrap in the most efficient manner, to give you the best possible return. Whether our customers prefer cash or metal in return, our refining services exceed the needs of all who use them.

Contact us: Hauser & Miller, 1-800-462-7447, support@hauserandmiller.com, hauserandmiller.com. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.


Recycle, Melt, Alloy, Refine, Process or Cast

Inductotherm manufactures clean and efficient melting systems used in processing precious and platinum group metals for refining, scrap melting, jewelry manufacturing and other applications. These include our world famous VIP® and VIP®-I™ induction power supply units, and our versatile Mini-Melt® and Dura-Line® furnaces, just to name a few. We recognize that even minute metal losses and metallurgical impurities are extremely costly, which is why we ensure our technologies increase metal recovery and lower processing costs.

INDUCTOTHERM CORP., 1-888-INDUCTO (463-8286) or (609) 267-9000; fax (609) 267-3537; sales@inductotherm.com; inductotherm.com. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.


NEW Corrosion Intercept® Foam Pad Inserts

NEW Corrosion Intercept® Foam Pads keep your jewelry items tarnish free while on display in showcases and other enclosed spaces by neutralizing corrosive gases that cause tarnish and oxidation. Non-toxic, safe for all metals and gemstones, Corrosion Intercept® Foam does not leave deposits on items it protects. It is non-volatile, free of chemicals and oils, and eliminates the need for rhodium and other coatings. Works for up to 1 year. Built-in saturation indicator lets you know when to replace the pad. Invented and patented by Bell Labs.

INTERCEPT SILVER & JEWELRY CARE CO., LLC, 1-888-668-7674; info@interceptjewelrycare.com. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.


Introducing FiberCube Compact

The 3802 Series FiberStar Compact Laser Engraving System. Benefits include a "space saving" footprint and LaserStar’s state-of-the-art operating software. Built to the same robust standards as the full-size FiberCube, the Compact is suitable for a wide range of jewelry engraving applications. Accessories include coordinated rotary motion devices for seamlessly laser engraving around a circumference. Made in USA.

LaserStar Technologies Corporation, One Industrial Court, Riverside, RI 02915; Tel: 401-438-1500; Fax: 866-516-3043; E-Mail: sales@laserstar.net; Laserstar.net. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.



Laser Technology that suits your needs

At Lasertech USA, we provide advanced machines that were built especially for laser marking, engraving, cutting, and welding. We offer a series of machines that vary in sizes and power units, and with the most affordable prices. Personal training provided with the purchase of any machine.

Contact: Lasertech USA, (201) 575-5373; Contact@lasertechusa.com. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.

M.S. Co

M.S. Company

M.S. Company is a U.S. manufacturer of jewelry chain and chain findings in sterling silver, gold-filled, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, and Platinum on spool or cut-to-length completed necks or bracelets. We also manufacture beads, headpins, and eyepins.

M.S. COMPANY, Attleboro, MA; 1-508-222-1700; info@mscompany.net; mscompany.net. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.

Orion Welders

Orion Welding, Engraving, and Cutting Machines

After many years working in the micro welding industry, we’ve gained insight that has allowed us to make machines that both increase efficiency and improve processes. When it comes to buying tools, we know how important it is to find the perfect balance between cost and need. That’s why we offer several models of pulse-arc and laser technologies--all capable of working at microscopic levels--with budget in mind. Whether you’re welding or engraving, Orion will help you choose the right product that is best suited for your budget and application.

ORION WELDERS, 1693 American Way #5, Payson, UT 84651; 1-801-658-0015; OrionWelders.com. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.

Ransom & Randolph

Ransom & Randolph

We develop and produce jewelry investments in the USA to meet the unique needs of customers casting gold, white gold, silver, brass, bronze, stones set in wax, and plastic/RP pattern materials. R&R is dedicated to supporting the jewelry casting industry with unparalleled technical assistance. Casting with R&R investments allows casters to avoid costly mixing and firing mistakes that often occur with lesser-quality products. Looking for an alternative to acid-based platinum investments? Try Plasticast® PT investment & binder, a water-based, two-part system for plastic or wax/plastic pattern materials.

Ransom-randolph.com. Investing with Innovation™

Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.

Standard Chain Cobra Cuff

Cobra/Mesh Cuff Bracelet

The combination Cobra/Mesh cuff bracelet offered by Standard Chain is available in a variety of metals and finishes, including brass, sterling silver and karat gold. Sizes range from 7", 7.5", 8" or whatever special requirements you may need. The Cobra is available in multiple patterns and color finishes, including a variation in end cap designs, so this is truly a custom bracelet that can be adapted to any of your customers’ special requirements.

STANDARD CHAIN COMPANY; 1-508-695-6611; natchain.com. Click her eto view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.


A Fine Work of Art Begins with an Impeccable Casting

At TechForm we understand how important a high-quality casting is to our customers. From the precision of our 3D printers to the powerful porosity reducing abilities of hot isostatic pressing, our castings reduce your bench time while enhancing the metallurgical quality of your finished piece.

For more information contact TECHFORM ADVANCED CASTING TECHNOLOGY; 1-503-652-5224; techformcasting.com. Click here to view our Buyer’s Guide Online profile.

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