Where to Find MJSA

MJSA Expo New York Mar. 8 - 10, 2015
Hilton New York New York, NY, United States. 2122

The SMART Show Chicago Apr. 18 - 20, 2015
Navy Pier Chicago, IL, United States. T-13

Santa Fe Symposium May. 17 - 20, 2015
Hotel Albuquerque Albuquerque, NM, United States. Sponsor.

Jewelry Making Know-How

MJSA Expo NY Seminars
This year’s seminars run from hands-on demos to a keynote session on wearable technology. Plus, MJSA Journal Live returns with a special focus on the latest welding and CAD/CAM. Click here to see the full schedule.

2015 Mystery Box Challenge
MJSA Expo NY logoFind out how designers Llyn Strelau, Jim Dailing, and Deirdre Featherstone turned a box of "mystery" materials into thoughtful pieces of jewelry...in just four weeks’ time.

MJSA Custom Jeweler 6.1 Now Online
Stories behind the stories: Defining moments for custom jewelers.

MJSA Tech Sheet 40: Designing with Lasers
How JJ Bückar developed a "light touch" with their designs. Sponsored by LaserStar Technologies.

MJSA Tech Sheet 39: Investing Resin Models
How to increase investment mold strength to better cast resin models, by J. Tyler Teague. Sponsored by Ransom and Randolph.

MJSA Online Design Challenge: A Little Piece of Home
A special daughter getting ready to leave the nest and a natural purple sapphire are at the heart of this year’s MJSA Online Design Challenge. Read the challenge and see the first design by Bruce Hartman. Sponsored by Omi Gems.

German Influence

German Influence
Idar-Oberstein, Germany, is world renowned as the place for sourcing, cutting, and carving top quality, hard-to-find, and unusual gem material. Deborah A. Yonick explores the latest gemstone trends spotted during the local Intergem show.

Nooks and Crannies
Polishing is an integral part of the jewelry making process: It can make the difference between an okay piece a great high-end piece. Because jewelry can have lots of small, tight corners, Fabio Penuela offers tips for polishing those hard-to-reach areas.

Proud to Be an MJSA Member

MJSA Means Professional Excellence

MJSA is the trade association that provides the jewelry making, design, and business know-how needed to achieve excellence, raise profits, and maintain a competitive edge. To learn more about the benefits of membership, click here.