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Feb. 24 2021: 
Custom Challenges & Opportunities with Gary Dawson


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Custom Challenges & Opportunities
with Gary Dawson

February 24, 2021

Gary Dawson

If you’ve been following advancements in jewelry technology over the last couple of decades, and if you’ve been following MJSA, chances are you’ll recognize the name Gary Dawson. One of the of the most creative and technically adventurous jewelers out there today, Dawson is passionate about sharing his jewelry-making know-how and enthusiasm for custom design.

Owner of Gary Dawson Designs (garydawsondesigns.com), an online custom studio, Dawson is also a certified Rhino CAD/CAM trainer and chair of the MJSA Council of Custom Jewelers. He has contributed his expertise through numerous articles, lectures, and workshops throughout the industry. In 2018 the Council named him one of the first MJSA Mentor Jewelers.

In this episode, we spoke to Dawson about his personal experience navigating his business through the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities this crisis has created for jewelers, the excitement of tying cutting-edge technologies with the heritage of the past, and what’s in store for custom designed jewelry in 2021 and beyond.


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