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MJSA Tech Sheets

MJSA Tech Sheets

Published periodically as special inserts in MJSA Journal and distributed at industry shows, the collectible Tech Sheets offer insights into all aspects of jewelry making and design. The topics range from the latest CAD/CAM technologies to best bench and casting practices, and all are written by noted industry experts.

Recent Tech Sheets are listed below. MJSA members may also download PDF files of past sheets, or order them in print form through the MJSA Bookstore. For assistance, please e-mail MJSA or call 1-800-444-6572.


Sample Tech Sheets

Investing Resin Models, Part 2
By J. Tyler Teague
New research into how to invest a printed model to achieve a proper burnout and improve casting results. From MJSA Tech Sheet 42, sponsored by Ransom & Randolph.

Measuring Up
By Arthur Anton Skuratowicz
How to accurately determine gem dimensions when sizing ring. From MJSA Tech Sheet 41, sponsored by the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

Designing with Lasers.
How JJ Bückar developed a "light touch" by using a laser in their jewelry designs. From MJSA Tech Sheet 40, sponsored by LaserStar Technologies Corp.

Investing Resin Models
By J. Tyler Teague
How to increase investment mold strength when working with resin models. From MJSA Tech Sheet 39, sponsored by Ransom & Randolph.


Tech Sheet Archive

MJSA members can download all of the Tech Sheets as PDF files, free of charge. Printed sheets can be purchased through the MJSA Bookstore. To download PDFs or receive the discounted price on printed sheets, members must enter their member IDs and passwords.

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Titles Currently in the Tech Sheet Archive

#1: Wax Carving Tips, by Kate Wolf.

#2: Laser Welding Tips, by Bob Staley.

#3: Bench Tips, by Gregg Todd & Greg Gilman.

#4: Tool Tips, by Arthur Skuratowicz.

#5: Tips for Preparing and Finishing Waxes, by Kate Wolf.

#6: Tips for Ergonomic Bench Work, by Charles Lewton-Brain.

#7: Tips for Investing Flasks When Casting, by Daniel Grandi.

#8: Tips for Working with Findings, by Daniel Grandi.

#9: Preparing Your Scrap for Refining, by Gary Dawson.

#10: Polishing Tools & Tips, by Charles Lewton-Brain.

#11: Tips for Buying Computer "Solutions," by Bill Kopelcheck.

#12: Creating a Palladium Diamond Ring, by Daniel Ballard.

#13: Working with Hinges, by Charles Lewton-Brain.

#14: Turning Household Items into Bench Aids, by Jurgen J. Maerz.

#15: Casting Tips: The Experts Weigh In.

#16: Tips for Soldering Findings, by Mark Maxwell.

#17: Don’t Throw Away That "Bonus" Metal, by Arthur Skuratowicz.

#18: Tips for Precision Laser Welding, by Bob Staley.

#19: Like a Brick House: Grading Quality, by Arthur Skuratowicz.

#20: Tips for Casting Challenging Metals, by Linus Drogs III.

#21: Solutions for the Workshop, by Kate Wolf.

#22: Fine Tuning Your Casting Alloys, by Daniel Ballard.

#23: Working with Your Caster, by Daniel Grandi.

#24: Tools for Working with Findings, by Arthur Skuratowicz.

#25: Tips for Soldering Set-Up, by Charles Lewton-Brain.

#26: Tips for Handling Glass-Filled Rubies, by Arthur Skuratowicz.

#27: More Casting Tips from the Experts.

#28: Buttons Are for Wimps, by J. Tyler Teague.

#29: Powder Power, by Paul Coen.

#30: All Set: Evaluating Gemstone Settings, by Arthur Skuratowicz.

#31: Tips for Casting RP Materials, by J. Tyler Teague.

#32: CAD Modeling Methods: A Primer, by Steven Adler.

#33: Tips for Casting CAD/CAM Models, by Teresa Fryé and J. Tyler Teague.

#34: Techniques for PinPoint Setting, by Arthur Skuratowicz.

#35: Tips for Laser Welding, by Shannon L. Brown.

#36: Tips for Laser Cutting Names and Monograms, by Shannon L. Brown.

#37: Critical Equipment for Safe Casting, by Shannon L. Brown.

#38: Tips for Laser Marking and Engraving, by Shannon L. Brown.

#39: Investing Resin Models, by J. Tyler Teague

#40: Designing with Lasers, by MJSA Staff.

#41: Measuring Up: Accurately Determining Gem Dimensions and Sizing Rings, by Arthur Skuratowicz.

#42: Investing Resin Models, Part 2 by J. Tyler Teague

#43: Steps Toward a Shop Well KePt: Minimizing Metal Loss When Casting Platinum

#44 Crystal Clear: Where the Water Goes in Gypsum-Bonded Investments, and Why It Matters by J. Tyler Teague

#45 What’s Old Is New (Again): Working with Heirloom Jewelry at the Bench by Gary Dawson

#46 ISO Want a Good Casting "The devil is in the details" — and so is consistency

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